Offering Only the Best in SD-WAN Application

Written By: Josh Dickinson

It is widely known that SD-WAN is and has been dominating the I.T. conversation for some time now and rightfully so.  

The most simplified WIKI definition for SD-WAN or software-defined networking in a wide area network that simplifies the management and operation of a WAN by decoupling the networking hardware from its control mechanism. SD-WAN allows you to build higher performance WANs using lower-cost and commercially available Broadband Internet, enabling business to increase redundancy and reduce costs by replacing higher cost private WAN technologies.

While SD-WAN and managed network services are growing popularity, SD-WAN is also growing in breakthrough application. Every carrier has a different level of application they bring to the table. Capabilities that Hypercore Networks’ top carriers such as CATO Networks bring that others may not are built-in security, forward error correction, and the ability to add work-from-home users into an SD-WAN environment without needing a box at home.

Built-In Security

Not all carriers have been able to successfully take SD-WAN security to the next level by fully integrating security features into the very WAN infrastructure. This means that included with your managed network services you are also receiving protection against malware phishing, and other similar cyber-attacks. Furthermore, this architecture is designed to not just play defense but also offense in that it is built with anti-malware and intrusion prevention software. This remarkably comprehensive design dramatically reduces risk to network owners and users.

Forward Error Correction

A popular and key feature of SD-WAN is Forward Error Correction (FEC) which is designed to reduce the loss of data and reduce errors when transmitting data. FEC improved the application performance by reducing the loss of data. This is a special SD-WAN coding feature that is not universally perfected; however, our carriers are equipped with this fantastic feature.

Work from Home Users

As the remote workforce continues to grow, employers are learning just how out of date and unsecure the traditional internet-based VPN can be. While both VPNs and SD-WAN prove to have a marginal return on investment, VPNs have proven to lack performance when it comes to scaling.

Not all carriers have been able to build an SD-WAN independent from private internet but a few of the best carriers have captured the breakthrough of Edge SD-WAN. Edge SD-WAN allows network access without public internet connection using any mix of customized connections which leaves our customers with many options.

While SD-WAN has been part of the I.T. conversation for a long time, it is not going anywhere anytime soon. This unprecedented season for many has unlocked deep breakthrough application for a complex and capable wide area network system. Hypercore Networks is comprised of the very best SD-WAN carriers in the industry including but not limited to CATO Networks and CloudGenix. This not only gives customers options for tailored solutions, but it also allows the innovative application of SD-WAN to come to table. Furthermore, Hypercore Networks implements and manages your SD-WAN services thoroughly providing you with white glove network application and service.

Whether you want to replace an MPLS implementation or integrate your existing with a SD-WAN solution, we can tailor the best SD-WAN solution to fit your needs. Learn more about how Hypercore Networks’ managed SD-WAN service and carriers by contact our sales team at

Building a Thriving Remote Workforce

Written By: Josh Dickinson

A few months ago, working from home was very new and concerning to many companies and employees alike. The surge of internet users stretched providers to levels they may not have been prepared for, which created a frustrating but educational experience for all.

While many of us may have accepted and maybe even embraced this “new normal”, working from home is still proving to be the telecommunications industry’s biggest opportunity and challenge.

A recent article in the New York Times, uncovered that not only has the recent pandemic changed the way we connect, but it has changed the way we work. Data collected by OpenVault, a company who specializes in the collection and analysis of household internet usage, found that “average downstream usage per customer in urban areas rose 98.3% while upstream per customer climbed 68.6%” as multiple devices are now being connected to home internet.

Industry Pain Points

Just as a man or woman has waking hours and sleeping hours, networks have an uptime and a downtime. Networks are traditionally built around uptimes to ensure proper bandwidth to support the network and data usage. In this unprecedented situation, these uptimes are not as predictable and therefore more difficult to support, but clearly not impossible.

Getting Back to the Office

The most obvious and ideal solution is for businesses and offices to reopen and for employees to go back to work as usual – AKA resuming normal uptime. At Hypercore Networks, we understand that this pandemic may have poked holes in even the best IT office set ups. Upgrades to these existing networks are more easily overcome and more cost effective than deconstructing to build a new remote infrastructure. See how we have helped other companies of various sizes upgrade their networks by reviewing our case studies.

When Getting Back to the Office is Not an Option

While getting back to the office may seem idea, we understand that it is not an option for everyone. We also understand that a remote workforce may also be a beneficial tradeoff for some companies, especially financially. Depending on the company, this could be a financial tradeoff worth investigating deeper, for where you reap savings of no physical overhead, you obtain the expense of IT overhead. We have had remote employees since our founding days, so we understand that this remote work can and does produce a return on investment when executed properly.

Solutions for Remote Workers

For those who continue to work remotely, it is vital to ensure they are set up with proper and secure access to everything they need to do their job and maintain speed. We offer a managed cloud-based SD-WAN product through the industry’s best providers as well as satellite options for even the most remote of remote employees. These products allow you to skip the unsecure reliance on your employees’ home internet and provide a long-term solution that is more redundant and secure to your organization. These products act like an express lane on the network highway during your uptime.

While our world may be facing unprecedented times, our team is up for the challenge as we are committed to helping customers increase their productivity so they can get back to doing what they do best. To learn more about how Hypercore Networks can help improve your network and/or provide a secure network for your remote employees, contact our sales team at

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