Layered approach to defend against viruses, malware, and intrusion

It feels like every few days, the news is reporting a new kind of virus or hacking attempt. Has your customer’s credit card number been compromised? Is your social security number on the web?

SecurityCore is a fully managed unified threat management solution. Designed to protect your data and your company from threats internal and external, SecurityCore is part of a layered approach to defend against viruses, malware, and intrusion.

All hardware options include dual WAN ports for load-balancing and failover. Each deployment includes weekly reporting, IPSEC and clientless SSL-VPN, and optional active directory integration.

Web Content filtering is customized for you. We block malicious sites, non-productive domains, and HR nightmares. Do you want your employees to be able to shop on their lunch break and outside of standard business hours? Great. Want to keep them productive when they are on your time? SecurityCore allows you to set up specific day and time rules for different groups within your organization.

SecurityCore allows you to take control of your network, to implement the policies you want, backed by a team of security engineers that take care of the management headache for you.




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