The Changing Economy & Telecom

Written By: Rick Herrera

As if the SARS-CoV-2 virus alone was not enough of a concern for the world, we now must face a slowing global economy.

The Congressional Research Service estimates that this virus has trimmed economic growth 6% with hopes of a partial recovery in 2021.  The level of unemployment as a result of shutdowns and furloughs had become more unprecedented than the virus itself. This challenge has resulted in the increase of poverty, domestic abuse, small business failures, and social unrest. Furthermore, global trade could fall by 32% dependent upon the “depth and extent of the global economic downturn”.

With the uncertainty of the global economic climate and the uncertainty that the SARS-CoV-2 has brought to employers, the circumstances must be thoroughly evaluated regularly, and rapid decisions and changes have had to be made.

Economic Relief

As we reached pandemic status, the government stepped in to provide a stimulus package that would provide temporary relief for millions. The relief was widely accepted by employees and small business owners alike. It did not take long for the questions to arise “who would really survive this pandemic?”, “will small business competition fail?”, and “how long can this assistance last?”.

While these were and are still valid questions, the answers remain uncertain. Mass layoffs across large companies continue to make headlines while daily, small businesses are forced to close shop. The Payroll Protection was designed to last 2-2.5 months which means most would have run out of money by mid-July.

Due to the length of time in which many employees and employers have found themselves in financial hardship as a direct result of the pandemic, Congress discussed extending the previously passed Cares Act and/or passing a new stimulus package. Last week, President Trump took matter into his own hands by issuing an executive order that would allow the enhanced unemployment benefits of up to $400 (down from $600 in efforts to motivate workers to look for new jobs). Experts say that this executive order’s benefits would run out within five weeks.

Amid this economic backdrop, there are companies that are performing very well. Companies like Google and Facebook are seeing record breaking quarters. Even startups who braced themselves for the impact of COVID, have experienced tremendous success and growth. Hypercore Networks has seen a steady 3-5% increase in monthly revenue since the start of the pandemic. How is this possible?

Marketing to Customers

The pandemic has changed how the world does life including but not limited to changes in consumer needs and spending. How companies reach their customers have also changed. In Corporate America among a highly technical and regulated industry such as telecom, it is no longer common nor feasible to travel just to shake a potential client’s or an existing client’s hand. Video conference calls, in some cases, have lost their appeal after their initial fad at the beginning of the pandemic. Customers want to be able to get what they need, when they need it, and in a way that they feel comfortable with.

Having a digital presence has never been more important. In pervious articles, we have discussed the increase in internet traffic since the start of the pandemic and it has not slowed. Hypercore Networks has changed the way we reach customers. While we still participate in many video conferences, calls, and webinars, we invested heavily into marketing to our channel agents regarding specific products. In doing so, we discovered a large need that prompted us to launch a new solution that will be unveiled later this month.

Internal Changes & Accommodations

With the health and safety challenges that this pandemic has brought about, companies have had to adjust rather quickly. For some, this looked like hiring. With unemployment so heavily in the news, it is hard to believe that companies are hiring but it is true. New positions and roles have, in some cases, been created solely to ensure compliance with the local, state, and federal mandates surrounding the pandemic.

Hypercore Networks has not created a position for this sole purpose, though we have hired throughout this pandemic. To provide the utmost safety to our teams, our executive team has taken much of the face to face meetings responsibilities though those have been very limited as well. Upon return the executive is quarantined at home and monitored daily. Most sales reps are not encouraged to travel.

Aside from the health aspect and all that goes into that domain, our business is within a highly government regulated industry. We have delegated the responsibilities of researching and implementing changing laws, mandates, and/or programs to a team which is made up of executive leadership to ensure compliance. What changes has your company had to make?

It is no secret that the world we live and work in is much different now than it was at the start of the year. Amid the backdrop of a slowing global economy and the uncertainty that this and the virus itself bring about, many companies and business owners are finding new ways to reach their customers and thrive. To do this, analysis of the situation, quarterly plans to succeed, execution, and resources to pull from whether it is financial, relational, or technical is required. Only with a solid infrastructure can a plan succeed and/or pivot as needed.

Hypercore Networks has not only taken the global economic climate as well as the developing COVID pandemic into consideration, but we have also executed plans to push forward to continue serving our clients. We have secured our teams, our partners, and our clients through sound infrastructure and open communication. We are here to help ensure that you and your team have the infrastructure and tools in place to adjust as needed during and even after the pandemic. Contact our sales team today at to thrive in this pandemic.

Recognition of Outstanding Support

Jennifer Salgado of Sandler Partners

Hypercore Networks would like to recognize Jennifer Salgado of Sandler Partners for her exceptional support. While most of what she does is behind the scenes, her dedication to her job and to her partners is evident in all that she does.  Here is what our team has to say about working with her:

Jennifer is a pleasure to work with for many reasons.  Her commitment to finding the best solutions for her clients along with her positive and uplifting attitude make our daily interactions with her a bright spot in the day.   Her hard work, attention to detail and her great rapport with our Hypercore Team have been key to the success we have achieved together.” -HCN Sales Team

Jennifer is an amazing person to work with, besides being very kind, professional and polite she is always providing insight into the opportunities to ensure we are presenting our most competitive bid. I truly believe she is a great asset for the Sandler Partners organization and they are very lucky to have her. Jennifer is a great example of hard work and dedication and this has been her key to success!” -HCN Pricing Team

Remote Workforce Transformation from a CFO

Written By: Rick Herrera

As the COVID-19 pandemic began, many companies recognized early on they needed to make some changes not only keep their employees and customers protected but also to keep their company alive.

The traditional workforce was greatly disrupted in early March of this year as companies began closing their physical doors and transforming their teams and even new hires into a remote workforce. With this transformation, many did not take the necessary measures as it was believed at the time to only be a temporary situation. As we know now, this remote workforce is becoming more permanent for many companies thus requiring more time, attention, and resources to be done correctly.

With transformation, comes expenses. During a national pandemic and a declining economy, expenses matter. There is a trade-off that every executive is currently facing – physical overhead versus I.T. overhead. When looking at this transition, it is also important to be looking at specific logistics such as phone packages, remote employee equipment, internal processes for hiring, training, prospecting, onboarding and the expenses associated with these..

Physical vs. Remote

It is no secret that local and state governments have required business closures causing employees to take their day-to-day office home. What many companies are finding is that a job once believed only capable of being done in-office is still very doable remotely. Reduction in physical overhead decreases a company’s footprint and operational expenses due to no office space lease also eliminating the employee’s commute. Furthermore, cutting operational expenses in non-labor areas increases a company’s ability for employee retention.  

Remote work has also brought about a newfound work-life balance and time freedom to many employees and employers alike; however, it has also increased the needs for I.T. expenditures to ensure your company though dispersed is still operating securely and productively.

Equipping the Remote Workforce

In the beginning of March, many would not believe that they would still be working remotely come the end of July. Because of this, certain measures were not taken to ensure productivity and security. Equipping employees to work remotely is the biggest key in this transition.

Phone systems are more relevant than ever as you do not want your customers calling your employees’ personal cell phones. Whether you are using hardware or software, ip phone packages are needed.

Employees need a secure way of accessing your network due to the increase in cyber attacks since the beginning of COVID-19. Secured network access through a VPN or Edge SD-WAN is important yet both require an infrastructure. How is your team accessing, transmitting, and saving confidential data to your network?

Facilitating the Change

The world is changing rapidly and to keep up, companies must change as well. Hiring and training a remote workforce is new territory for many; however, it is very realistic thanks to the collaboration tools from partners like Cisco.

Onboarding new customers also looks different; however, what this tells me as a CFO is that the funds traditionally spent in travel and meals to nurture relationships are now able to be reallocated because those relationships are now being nurtured remotely due to COVID-19 yet still yielding positive results.  This reallocation can create margin for this necessary I.T. transformation.  

Facilitating the change from having a traditional workforce to a remote workforce is vital to not just surviving this pandemic but thriving in it. As the CFO of Hypercore, I understand the decisions and planning that goes into this transformation as we too have gone through this. This requires careful management of funds, planning, and precise execution taking each team’s main objective into consideration. The good news is that the tools and the people are in place at Hypercore Networks to help you make it happen.

There is a long list of benefits the world is seeing to having a remote workforce and while many have been working remotely for several months now not all companies have taken the necessary steps to make this permanent transition.

Hypercore Networks offers all the products you and your company need to transform your teams into a fully equipped, secure, and productive remote workforce from hardware to software to fully managed network services. Whether you are needing guidance on how to secure your remote teams or need full remote workforce transformation, we tailor solutions around your business needs. Contact our sales team today at to start your I.T. transformation.

Offering Only the Best in SD-WAN Application

Written By: Josh Dickinson

It is widely known that SD-WAN is and has been dominating the I.T. conversation for some time now and rightfully so.  

The most simplified WIKI definition for SD-WAN or software-defined networking in a wide area network that simplifies the management and operation of a WAN by decoupling the networking hardware from its control mechanism. SD-WAN allows you to build higher performance WANs using lower-cost and commercially available Broadband Internet, enabling business to increase redundancy and reduce costs by replacing higher cost private WAN technologies.

While SD-WAN and managed network services are growing popularity, SD-WAN is also growing in breakthrough application. Every carrier has a different level of application they bring to the table. Capabilities that Hypercore Networks’ top carriers such as CATO Networks bring that others may not are built-in security, forward error correction, and the ability to add work-from-home users into an SD-WAN environment without needing a box at home.

Built-In Security

Not all carriers have been able to successfully take SD-WAN security to the next level by fully integrating security features into the very WAN infrastructure. This means that included with your managed network services you are also receiving protection against malware phishing, and other similar cyber-attacks. Furthermore, this architecture is designed to not just play defense but also offense in that it is built with anti-malware and intrusion prevention software. This remarkably comprehensive design dramatically reduces risk to network owners and users.

Forward Error Correction

A popular and key feature of SD-WAN is Forward Error Correction (FEC) which is designed to reduce the loss of data and reduce errors when transmitting data. FEC improved the application performance by reducing the loss of data. This is a special SD-WAN coding feature that is not universally perfected; however, our carriers are equipped with this fantastic feature.

Work from Home Users

As the remote workforce continues to grow, employers are learning just how out of date and unsecure the traditional internet-based VPN can be. While both VPNs and SD-WAN prove to have a marginal return on investment, VPNs have proven to lack performance when it comes to scaling.

Not all carriers have been able to build an SD-WAN independent from private internet but a few of the best carriers have captured the breakthrough of Edge SD-WAN. Edge SD-WAN allows network access without public internet connection using any mix of customized connections which leaves our customers with many options.

While SD-WAN has been part of the I.T. conversation for a long time, it is not going anywhere anytime soon. This unprecedented season for many has unlocked deep breakthrough application for a complex and capable wide area network system. Hypercore Networks is comprised of the very best SD-WAN carriers in the industry including but not limited to CATO Networks and CloudGenix. This not only gives customers options for tailored solutions, but it also allows the innovative application of SD-WAN to come to table. Furthermore, Hypercore Networks implements and manages your SD-WAN services thoroughly providing you with white glove network application and service.

Whether you want to replace an MPLS implementation or integrate your existing with a SD-WAN solution, we can tailor the best SD-WAN solution to fit your needs. Learn more about how Hypercore Networks’ managed SD-WAN service and carriers by contact our sales team at

Building a Thriving Remote Workforce

Written By: Josh Dickinson

A few months ago, working from home was very new and concerning to many companies and employees alike. The surge of internet users stretched providers to levels they may not have been prepared for, which created a frustrating but educational experience for all.

While many of us may have accepted and maybe even embraced this “new normal”, working from home is still proving to be the telecommunications industry’s biggest opportunity and challenge.

A recent article in the New York Times, uncovered that not only has the recent pandemic changed the way we connect, but it has changed the way we work. Data collected by OpenVault, a company who specializes in the collection and analysis of household internet usage, found that “average downstream usage per customer in urban areas rose 98.3% while upstream per customer climbed 68.6%” as multiple devices are now being connected to home internet.

Industry Pain Points

Just as a man or woman has waking hours and sleeping hours, networks have an uptime and a downtime. Networks are traditionally built around uptimes to ensure proper bandwidth to support the network and data usage. In this unprecedented situation, these uptimes are not as predictable and therefore more difficult to support, but clearly not impossible.

Getting Back to the Office

The most obvious and ideal solution is for businesses and offices to reopen and for employees to go back to work as usual – AKA resuming normal uptime. At Hypercore Networks, we understand that this pandemic may have poked holes in even the best IT office set ups. Upgrades to these existing networks are more easily overcome and more cost effective than deconstructing to build a new remote infrastructure. See how we have helped other companies of various sizes upgrade their networks by reviewing our case studies.

When Getting Back to the Office is Not an Option

While getting back to the office may seem idea, we understand that it is not an option for everyone. We also understand that a remote workforce may also be a beneficial tradeoff for some companies, especially financially. Depending on the company, this could be a financial tradeoff worth investigating deeper, for where you reap savings of no physical overhead, you obtain the expense of IT overhead. We have had remote employees since our founding days, so we understand that this remote work can and does produce a return on investment when executed properly.

Solutions for Remote Workers

For those who continue to work remotely, it is vital to ensure they are set up with proper and secure access to everything they need to do their job and maintain speed. We offer a managed cloud-based SD-WAN product through the industry’s best providers as well as satellite options for even the most remote of remote employees. These products allow you to skip the unsecure reliance on your employees’ home internet and provide a long-term solution that is more redundant and secure to your organization. These products act like an express lane on the network highway during your uptime.

While our world may be facing unprecedented times, our team is up for the challenge as we are committed to helping customers increase their productivity so they can get back to doing what they do best. To learn more about how Hypercore Networks can help improve your network and/or provide a secure network for your remote employees, contact our sales team at

Redefining “Tailored” IT Solutions for Businesses

Tailored has become a term widely adapted by the business world. Many businesses use the term “tailored” to pull you in and make you feel important. But do they follow through on those promises or are those just empty words?

According to Business Dictionary, tailored means “Adapting requirements or specifications to the current of operational needs through deletion, modification, and/or supplementation, without deviating from a norm”.

Redefining Tailored Solutions

There are key parts of that definition that defines if you are receiving a truly tailored solution or if you are receiving something that is subpar. At Hypercore Networks, we like to compress the definition of tailored as “Adapting requirements…to the current of operational needs…without deviating from the normal standard”.

The Hypercore Difference

As a global provider with over 500 carriers, we offer customers the best in voice, data, security, SD-WAN, and more. Hypercore Networks is different from most providers in the enterprise space in that we do not simply take our products and try to solve the customer’s problem with a specific product. We work diligently to ensure we understand the customer’s needs and goals. Then, we go to work to find the top 3 best carriers and products to fit their needs and goals. The customer then has three options to choose from, giving the customer the power to choose their tailored solution.

Finding the Best Tailored Solution

While our team works diligently with the agent to comb through our carriers and products, serving our customers and taking the stress of finding the best solution off the customer, there is no carrier we recommend over the other. There is no benefit to Hypercore Networks in recommending one carrier over the other, simply because not every carrier meets the needs and not all carriers offer the same products. Our team has no prejudged preference because it is not about us, it is all about the customer and finding the best solution for their operational needs.

Empowering the Customer with Options

The benefit to the customer in having three carrier options to choose from rather than our team simply telling the customer the best choice, is that the customer gets to decide. The customer is educated and empowered to make a decision that is best for their company, their budget, and their team. This is especially essential due to the recent changes in the workforce such as digital transformations and remote teams. We understand that companies must think and operate differently in 2020 than in previous years and we are here to help.

Simplifying the Complexity of Tailored Solutions

Once the customer makes their decision, we go to work to integrate their solutions under a single umbrella. Though a customer’s integration may include solutions of various products from different carriers, we guarantee one number to call for support, one project lead, and one consolidated bill per month. This keeps things very simple for the customer and assures that everything is handled in a consistent manner, leaving everyone happy.

Our team is committed to redefining “tailored” IT solutions for businesses and providing an excellent customer experience in the process. To learn more about how Hypercore Networks tailors IT solutions to meet the needs of businesses, you can read our case studies. You can also contact our sales team at

Written by: Josh Dickinson

Hypercore Networks COVID-19 response

Hypercore has been paying close attention to the onset and spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) to be informed and able to provide any relevant information that will affect the workplace or our services.

We take the responsibility of ensuring the health and safety of our employees, customers, and our community very seriously.

Our network planning and operations teams are experienced with adapting to changing conditions, and we have enacted our disaster response plans to address potential disruption in our services.

The following policies have been enacted; every employee in Support, Provisioning, Accounting, and VoIP departments are fully remote and working from home. Shipping and Receiving department for devices is at minimum staff. Those that are still in the workplace have the added protection of our leasing management instituting a more rigorous cleaning regime for their tenants.

For shipping, inbound and outbound deliveries and boxes will be sanitized. Hypercore Networks has put in place a strict travel policy for all our employees and limited all non-essential travel for business We rely heavily on our technology partners, who have enacted their own response plans. We are in constant communication with them to measure availability, restrictions of movement or travel for their technicians, and service availability.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding a technician visit, or if your office is closed, please contact your project manager or support so we can reschedule.    

We will continue to closely monitor this situation as it develops. Our focus is and will remain on doing all we can to best protect our team and our customers we serve. 

Thank you,
Hypercore Networks

Upcoming events

While it seems as though we have all been stuck in our houses for a very long time, there is a light at the end of this tunnel. Cancelled events due to Covid-19 are confirming new dates and there are new items on the calendar to attend. Please reach out to your Director of Sales or for more information on any of these coming events. If you would like to be included on our mailing list for additional information and invitations to any event Hypercore is hosting, please reach out to We look forward to getting out there and seeing all of you soon!

Unfortunately, Channel Partners has been cancelled for the remainder of 2020, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We look forward to seeing everyone in March 2021!

THIS EVENT HAS BEEN RESCHEDULED TO SEPTEMBER 9-11th. All the networking you can handle packed into 1 and 1/2 fun filled days in Austin, TX! Featuring a cocktail party, networking brunch and a party boat, this is your chance to network and build connections.

Agent Spotlight

At Hypercore we feel it is important to recognize the hard work and dedication of our agents. While we are the experts at the core of your business, you are the heart at the core of ours. Let’s get to know a few of them.

January 2020 – Agent of the Month

It’s a new year and we are excited to announce Hypercore Netoworks’ first Agent of the Month for 2020, Mike McMullen. 20 + years in telecom have allowed Mike to cover everything from Mobility to Security to Network. Currently his focus is on positive business outcomes through the efforts of IT.

February 2020 – Agent of the Month

Josh Reid with The NT Group is our winner for Agent of the Month, February. Josh has only been in telecom for a few years, but thanks to a fantastic mentor and business partner, he has come up to speed quickly. The NT Group finds most of their time spend in the service industry and health care sectors.

March 2020 – Agent of the Month

Congratulations to Advanced Technology Consulting Inc., ATC, for winning March Agent of the Month with Hypercore! ATC Was formed in the late 90’s when Darren and David decided to combine their 30+ years of telecom expertise into a practice that would help organizations create business value for IT, cloud and telecom.

April Agent of the Month

Congratulations to Thomas Marks, President of Dstorm Telecom Consulting, for being Hypercore Networks’ April Agent of the Month! Thomas has experienced a lot of growth in the last 20 years but would only change one thing. Rather than starting as an AT&T only agent, he would have immediately signed with a master agent. The backing and support from a master agent is an undeniable value add!

May Agent of the Month

Josh Chamois, President of QuoTek is our April Agent of the Month! QuoTek was launched 10 years ago from a tiny, makeshift office in Josh’s loft. He takes a bit of a “jack of all trades” approach, rather than stick to one vertical. Josh gives big kudos to the HCN provisioning teams. Josh says “Hypercore really delivers with solid support in pre-sales and provisioning support.”

What’s new at Hypercore

Hypercore has partnered with CloudGenix to offer a first-class and affordable SD WAN solution to enterprise customers. Through this partnership, Hypercore Networks will now be able to offer customers modern, cloud-based SD-WAN from CloudGenix.

You can now offer your customer CloudGenix’s comprehensive set of more than twenty CloudBlades across various infrastructure services, including Palo Alto Networks, Zscaler, CheckPoint, Symantec, Microsoft, Equinix, Amazon and more.

Reach out to your Director of Sales to see what this exciting new partnership can bring to the table for you. If you don’t know who to reach out to, please use the contact information below and we will get you in touch with someone immediately.

We are very excited to announce that we have recently partnered with Intelisys! We sponsored a few of their events this summer and really loved the opportunity to get to know someof the new agents as well as the Intelisys team. Hypercore is looking forward to a successful partnership going forward!

Hypercore is growing! We are creating inside support teams to assist with quoting, provisioning and customer service. This increased level of support will allow our Sales Directors more time in the field meeting with you and your customers, while providing uninterrupted 24/7/365 support.

The Changing Economy & Telecom
Recognition of Outstanding Support
Remote Workforce Transformation from a CFO



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