Auto Body Repair Chain Case Study


With over 500 locations nationwide, this auto body repair chain had an old data network. They are slow, outdated and expensive. In order to bring the business up to speed, they needed analog lines for voice, as well as quick install for locations that had slow data and expensive builds.


Working closely with the agent and customer, it was determined that SIP trunks  and SPA devices for analog handoff for voice would be the best solution for this customer. As a result, symmetrical fixed wireless was installed at multiple locations across the country. Most of these installations were completed in 30 days or less!


Hypercore was able to provide an all-encompassing solution with one bill, one support and one point of contact for the project. We have over 60 locations that have been implemented to date (FW & DIA circuits), most with both internet and voice services. This chain is acquiring additional automotive stores and service to these additional locations has already begun. With close to 100 stores opening next year, as well as more locations being added every month, this project will continue to grow.

Hypercore has provided an SLA that has met with both the agent and customer’s expectations. In order to stay on top of everything and maintain this level of satisfaction, Hypercore’s Data and VoIP teams have weekly calls with the customer to discuss progress on each pending site.

Life & Auto Insurance Company


A large property and casualty insurance company in the United states with over 500 locations was working off an old MPLS T1 network. This was slow, outdated and expensive to operate. Outages were frequent and repair times often extended 24 hours. The network solution required a major overhaul and update to provide the necessary efficiency to serve all of their locations and thousands of clients.


With business needs and locations considered, a solution with SD-WAN, a primary wired circuit and a backup LTE solution was designed. A VeloCloud appliance and dual internet access was utilized at each location.  With VeloCloud Hub units at the customers redundant Data Centers. The circuits delivered to the remote locations included coax, DSL and line of site wireless, based on what means provided the best service to the given location and was most cost effective.


Hypercore Networks provided an all-encompassing solution with one bill, one support and one point of contact. This keeps things very simple for the customer and assures that everything is handled in a consistent manner, leaving everyone happy. Average store uptime has been significantly improved, the amount of site down events have been dramatically reduced.




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