Tailored has become a term widely adapted by the business world. Many businesses use the term “tailored” to pull you in and make you feel important. But do they follow through on those promises or are those just empty words?

According to Business Dictionary, tailored means “Adapting requirements or specifications to the current of operational needs through deletion, modification, and/or supplementation, without deviating from a norm”.

Redefining Tailored Solutions

There are key parts of that definition that defines if you are receiving a truly tailored solution or if you are receiving something that is subpar. At Hypercore Networks, we like to compress the definition of tailored as “Adapting requirements…to the current of operational needs…without deviating from the normal standard”.

The Hypercore Difference

As a global provider with over 500 carriers, we offer customers the best in voice, data, security, SD-WAN, and more. Hypercore Networks is different from most providers in the enterprise space in that we do not simply take our products and try to solve the customer’s problem with a specific product. We work diligently to ensure we understand the customer’s needs and goals. Then, we go to work to find the top 3 best carriers and products to fit their needs and goals. The customer then has three options to choose from, giving the customer the power to choose their tailored solution.

Finding the Best Tailored Solution

While our team works diligently with the agent to comb through our carriers and products, serving our customers and taking the stress of finding the best solution off the customer, there is no carrier we recommend over the other. There is no benefit to Hypercore Networks in recommending one carrier over the other, simply because not every carrier meets the needs and not all carriers offer the same products. Our team has no prejudged preference because it is not about us, it is all about the customer and finding the best solution for their operational needs.

Empowering the Customer with Options

The benefit to the customer in having three carrier options to choose from rather than our team simply telling the customer the best choice, is that the customer gets to decide. The customer is educated and empowered to make a decision that is best for their company, their budget, and their team. This is especially essential due to the recent changes in the workforce such as digital transformations and remote teams. We understand that companies must think and operate differently in 2020 than in previous years and we are here to help.

Simplifying the Complexity of Tailored Solutions

Once the customer makes their decision, we go to work to integrate their solutions under a single umbrella. Though a customer’s integration may include solutions of various products from different carriers, we guarantee one number to call for support, one project lead, and one consolidated bill per month. This keeps things very simple for the customer and assures that everything is handled in a consistent manner, leaving everyone happy.

Our team is committed to redefining “tailored” IT solutions for businesses and providing an excellent customer experience in the process. To learn more about how Hypercore Networks tailors IT solutions to meet the needs of businesses, you can read our case studies. You can also contact our sales team at sales@hypercorenetworks.com.

Written by: Josh Dickinson




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