Please say hello to Gabriela Santiago. Gaby has been with Hypercore since she began in telecom in 2015 and heads up our pricing department. All quotes go through her department, where they are received and processed in a timely manner. Gaby also works closely with all of our carriers that are in our pricing tools to keep everything current and ensure we have the best relationships possible with our amazing partners!

In her spare time, Gaby loves to travel, discover new food, hit the beach and exercise, along with her husband and their Labrador, Simon. As a result of discovering new foods, Gaby has quite a talent for cooking. She also loves to learn about different cultures and find ways to apply their principles towards making a more efficient and happy life. One place she has yet to visit but would love to see is Ireland.

Gaby has a very important philosophy to share with all of our partners to keep their lives a little simpler and still successful. She see’s a lot of people overlooking one simple practice: Work to live, don’t live to work. Gaby is a wonderful asset to our Hypercore team and we are lucky to have her. She is good at what she does and great to work with. Feel free to reach out to her if you’d like to get to know a little more about what she or the team she leads, can do to help you.




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