July – Agent of the Month

Congratulations to Christopher Pawskewich of CompuNet for being Hypercore’s July Agent of the Month. Chris has been in telecom for 15 yeas and is crushing it with CompuNet. As a ‘vertical agnostic’ partner, CompuNet has long time partnerships across commercial, public sector, education and health care.

August – Agent of the Month

Great job to Dan Piercy of Supreme Fiber, who’s 20 years of telecom experience have landed him in our August Agent of the Month spot. Congratulations Dan! While he does not focus on any one vertical, Dan finds himself working with many SaaS providers and others on the “tech scene”; a bit by default of living in Austin.

September – Agent of the Month

Debra Smith si a very busy woman. With just 4 years in the telecom industry, she has landed the spot of Hypercore’s Agent of the Month for September. Congratulations Debra! Debra doesn’t necessarily focus on any one vertical, but she does finds herself working lare auto dealerships and collisions centers.



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